About Foundation World School

FWS is Jammu & Kashmir’s first school with an international curriculum (Affiliated with Cambridge Assessment International Education) and an ambitious agenda for the future. Many families have put their trust in FWS to provide world-class education. And we want you to be a part of it. Our mission is to become one of the top schools in South Asia by the end of 2025 and the preferred destination for best students, teachers and educational innovators. It’s a journey that we’ve begun in 2015 and is slowly but surely inching towards its destination within this decade. We have ventured out on this journey at Foundation World School to help you re-discover what education was meant to be. Parents are a key part of this journey, and one of our key challenges is to re-define what we mean by parental engagement in education. Education is a nurturing processes not an institutional one.

It must be where family and schooling meet unite and share resources for the better outcomes of our children.

We aim to provide education within a caring environment where all children are valued and cared for.

We endeavour to facilitate for a joyful and harmonious environment which teaches love, respect and tolerance for all. As a result, we hope to develop children into responsible, active citizens of the society, in which everyone plays an active constructive part and learns from one another.

Foundation World School is dedicated to make sure that all children realize their potential and make progress towards the achievement of that potential.