Bridged Campus Model – The Concept

Foundation World School was envisioned with an aim to ensure a well-balanced environment for the students taking into consideration their age-based needs.

FWS operates within two campuses (Bridged Campus) – Kindergarten and Main campus. Why Bridged Campus Bridged Campus Model provides the following advantages:

Reduced Travel Stress for Young learners

Serving Area Limit of 7 km radial distance from the KG location allows for a maximum travel time of 45 minutes when the KG operates at its full capacity.

Independent and customized Facilities

Students in both the KG campus and the Main campus are provided separate and customized facilities in line with their age requirements.

Teacher Pupil ratio Ratio

Ratio is 1:10 for the KG campus and 1:20 for the Main campus owing to different levels of attention required.

Coeducation and Separate Gender Campuses

KG campus has a coed setup while the Main campus will have separation within the campus at appropriate age levels in line with the cultural requirements.