Multi-functional Facilities

For the vision of holistic education to be realized, a well-designed campus with meaningful spaces and layout laid out in harmony with environment is also fundamental. The campus modules are designed in such a way that, from the overall planning to the smallest detail of furniture, it caters to the convenience and safety of the learners and people mentoring them. Both inside and outside, the space is comfortable, conducive for the activities and contributes to Nurturing Excellence.

The following criteria act as guidelines for facility design:
  • Design allows for diverse life experiences.
  • Transparency Over all development

The facility aims at strengthening ties between school, families and community. After / before school hours, the space is designed to be used for following activities:
  • Quran classes for students other than FWS
  • Aloha arithmetic classes
  • Swimming classes for children
  • Teacher Training Programmes
  • Parenting workshops