Our Philosophy

Our Goals

Our goals are to guide our students into being:
  • Healthy
  • Alert and Confident     
  • Globally Ready  
  • Constructive and Creative Thinkers  
  • Ardent Learners
  • Responsible Leaders and Sincere Followers

Our Vision

1. To transform into an institution for evolving children of today into responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
2. To develop positive individuals who are :

  • Grounded in reality
  • Have faith in humanity
  • Believe in Divinity
  • Are hopeful of continuity
  • Have the sensitivity to relate rightly to the earth & to all life
  • Are equipped to face challenges coming their way.

3. To educate the “whole” child not only academically but also by polishing all facets of his / her individuality and to nurture the excellence that he / she is naturally bestowed with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop our children into individuals who create spheres of positive influence aroundthem wherever they go and in the process be able to contribute to a better, peaceful world.