Humhama Campus

Foundation World School, with its exceptional model of education aims to be a game changer for kindergarten education in Kashmir. The school brings forth the unique abilities of children which otherwise get lost in a generalised education setup. Children develop and learn at a rapid pace in their early years, which also lays the foundation for lifelong progress, and we at FWS encourage and nurture that in order to transform them into world class professionals. With direct affiliation to Cambridge, the institute is the first in the entire state to have the honour of being recognized by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a trusted brand 

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all over the world. The Kindergarten campus, a spacious area spread over 7 Kanals of land adjacent to Srinagar Airport Road, is an epitome of new generation schooling. The campus reflects a commitment towards being a globally recognized International School based in Srinagar providing world class education.
The Kindergarten Campus building, a 14,500 sq. ft. built-up facility, is ready with all the modern facilities, it offers a fully air-conditioned building, a covered swimming pool, bicycling track, and an indoor sports area of 2600 sq. ft. All the areas are planned and designed in a way that maximises the learning outcome in a child centric environment. Even during harshest winters children in the school can indulge in other sports activities, thanks to climate controlled building. The infrastructure incorporates modern design methodology and aesthetics in synchronisation with an environment friendly approach.
The classrooms at Foundation World School are designed to create an environment that immediately puts the student at ease. Comfortable furniture and aesthetically designed spacious classrooms, provide a welcoming environment for the children. Each classroom offers a wide variety of Montessori materials, current educational supplies, and handmade materials. Each classroom has a beautiful reading corner to instil in students an awareness of the importance of reading. A large assembly area helps to accommodate all the students in the school together for lively morning assemblies and special group activities. 
The entire school campus is covered by CCTV’s so that each area of the school is monitored. School gates are manned by 24 x 7 security personnel so that no unwanted element enters the school premises. To ensure the complete safety of our children, ID cards are issued to guardians and only they are allowed to take the child home.

Mamath Campus

The Main campus being tucked away at the picturesque hillside at Mamath, Budgam around 9 kms from the Humhama campus location where the children will graduate to after completing their KG. Mamath campus has its own KG to accommodate less than 5 years old from the vicinity. Multi-functional Facilities For the vision of holistic education to be realised, a well-designed campus with meaningful spaces and layout laid out in harmony with environment is also fundamental. The campus modules are designed in such a way that, from the overall planning to the smallest detail of furniture, it 

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caters to the convenience  and safety of the learners and people mentoring them. Both inside and outside, the space is comfortable, conducive for the activities and contributes to Nurturing Excellence.