About Child Development Centre

Our objective is to create young leaders with strong morals, social skills, and intellectual capacity. With these objectives at the forefront of our minds, Foundation World School in collaboration with Mind Meadows have teamed up to support the education of children with special behavioral and developmental needs. We at FWS believe that every child is entitled to a high-quality education.

Negative stereotyping, bias, and exclusion of children with special needs from the formal education system deprive them of their basic rights to get an education, participate in their community, and support themselves.

FWS collaborated with Mind Meadows to help children with special needs realize their potential and deliver a comprehensive early intervention service for their development. This alliance intends to deliver a multispecialty and early intervention strategy to families with such needs.

In India, Mind Meadows is one of the first pediatric diagnostic and treatment facilities that serves a diverse clientele. Mind Meadow’s clinics have already worked with over 30,000 children, both in India and abroad. Additionally, the group offers parent education programs for kids with special needs.