By the Grace of the Night 


By the Grace of the Night

Rushda Malik

By the light of the moon, by the twinkle of a star, I stand ‘a witness’ to the grace of the night. The warmth encapsulates me, the breeze caresses me, and the silence whispers to me. I have been sky gazing from a very young age. If, at night, I was not found in the bed, they knew where to find me: the porch. My life was enveloped by night. The moon, casting its gentle glow, bathing every things beneath its vast glimmering disc.​ I, unlike many others, found in it the grace that I sought. I found solace in its whispers. I found it has a melody that lulls the soul into tranquility. In the midst of chaos, I found a stillness waiting. to be embraced.​ I believe that to embrace the grace of the night is to surrender to its enchantment.. A companion that you will never be able to get apart from—no human hypocrisy, no judgement—nothing like tagging with unwanted attributes. By the grace of the night, the moon is just another hidden ‘you’ inspiring you to meet that latent ‘you’.