Failure Paves the Path to Success


Failure Paves the Path to Success

Aleena Ehtisham Grade 7

No matter how much a person smiles, his inner feelings and thoughts can never be cast by his physical appearance. Take Jhon Tennison as the most optimum specimen for this. It is truly said that after struggle comes success. Jhon Tennison’s extremely agonizing journey in this unrealistic world certainly turned out to be profitable. Jhon Tennison (during his catastrophic times) faced numerous unforeseeable consequences as per those barbarous circumstances; in spite of that, he still embraced the world of success! John Tennison, from his childhood, desired to be a professor, but unfortunately, he was raised in a family that was vigorously stricken by poverty, which made his dream seem just like a mirage. Up until 8th grade, everything was going fairly well, but after that, his family was stricken by poverty. His father had a small business; he couldn’t make up an ample amount of money from it, but still, something is always better than nothing; he had utterly learned how to stay happy with homunculus things; he was now just used to it; he never felt its absence. As everything was going, all of a sudden his business instantly slumped; their hard times now seemed to have come to an end. Nevertheless, he was a student studying in 10th grade; he taught students who were junior to him some little bits to survive; at times, he even worked as a laborer, like laying bricks when excessively in need of money. Everything went as planned, and somehow he completed his studies. Tennyson, after facing so many challenges and struggles, finally embraced the world of success. He finally turned out to be a successful processor in physics. This shows that no matter how many unpredictable turns your life takes, instead of losing, eventually getting shattered like nothing, and becoming inert, warm up yourself for the contest ahead, because no wonder who will be the next among us; struggles and sacrifices are certain if you admire the world of success, so learn to defend yourself against the circumstances, no matter how worse they get. If Tennison can do it, why not us? Let us challenge the challenges to carve a corner of our own.