Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework can successfully consolidate, develop and extend the learning which occurs during the school day. It can also promote good learning habits, independent learning and responsibility for that learning.


  • To monitor the extent and quality of their learning.
  • To promote and reinforce the good habits of effective study, with due attention on the preparation, completion and delivery of materials as required by specified schedules.
  • To foster their own self-reliance both for present and for future needs.
  • To enable pupils to develop their full interest in enjoyment of subjects.
  • To facilitate flipped class learning approach.

Pre Cambridge Homework Policy
In the Pre Cambridge section, our policy is “NO HOMEWORK’’ for Nursery and LKG classes though in case of struggling students help and support will be asked from parents. Further some fun filled activities and projects will be given as homework if the need arises. We do not give out homework as per subject but encourage literacy experiences at home.

Cambridge Primary /Secondary
UKG/Stage 1
Homework in the UKG is about learning together. The activities are literacy based with a strong emphasis on reading together. It is an ideal time to lay the foundations for continuing work at home.
Reading: All year, the main emphasis of homework will be on reading. This should be done in two ways.

  1. Adults reading to children.
    Parents are encouraged to use the library books sent home so that children can get used to print and stories. Parents should encourage children to point to words as they are being read. Discussion about the content of the book is also important.
  2. Children reading to an adult.
    When the children are ready, they will start bringing simple books with words home to read to an adult at a frequency of once a week. Again, encouraging the child to point to the words as they are being read is important. Discussing the story, the characters and asking questions about the book will help with the child’s understanding of language.

Expectations of Students:

  • Homework should be recorded in the dairies.
  • To ensure that homework directions from the teachers are clearly understood.
  •  Homework should be completed by the student independently.
  •  To complete homework and hand it in by the due date, persistence in incomplete homework will have sanctions.
  •  To complete homework to at least the minimum of a satisfactory standard.
  • To bring a note from home if homework has not been completed for a valid reason.

Expectations of Teaching Staff:

  •  To set appropriate homework, in line with homework timetable
  •  To write homework clearly on the board.
  • Provide clear, concise directions for homework assignments.
  • To ensure students write homework in their diaries.
  •  To check homework has been completed satisfactorily
  • To mark homework, within a week of being handed in.
  •  Constructive comments to assist understanding.
  •  Assess, review, and return homework in a timely manner.
  • Check homework for completeness and mastery of concepts as appropriate to the nature of the assignment.
  •  If a student arrives for a lesson without homework, or if homework is incomplete, untidy etc., the staff member should ask why the Homework was not done. Persistent incomplete homework should be reported to the Pastoral Department who will contact the parents and inform them about their child not completing homework.
  •  If more than 3 Homework Reports are issued against a student during any term, students will have lunch time detention and the parents will be informed by the Pastoral Department.

Expectations of Parents/ Guardians:

  • To support their child by checking and signing their diaries, at least weekly.
  •  To check homework has been well presented.
  • To inform relevant teacher if there were difficulties with homework set.
  •  Learning occurs in a variety of ways outside of school. We encourage students and their families to explore opportunities to foster growth and responsibility in many ways including participating in completing household chores, discussing current and world events, and through participation in local community activities.
  • To support teaching staff and sanctions when homework is not completed or is unsatisfactory.

Expectations of Form Teachers:

  • To check that dairies are being completed weekly
  • To ensure Parents/ Guardians are signing the dairies.
Class Written Assignment Vocabulary words Reading
UKG 15 minutes per day
Grade 1 15 minutes per day 10 words /Week 20 minutes per day
Grade 2 & 3 20 minutes per day 20 words /Week 20 minutes per day
Grade 4 & 5 30 minutes per day 20 words /Week 20 minutes per day
Grade 6, 7 & 8 60 minutes per day 20 words /Week 45 minutes per day
Grade 9 & 10 90 to 120 minutes per day