Phantom Thief

Phantom Thief

Haffi Wani and Ibrahim Shah 8th Grade

Once in a faraway city, there was a ceremony for the world’s safest and best museum. “From today on, in this city, we shall see preserved history unfold right before our eyes, and I mean forever because this museum is impenetrable, so rest assured,” declared the mayor with pride. “Well, it’s the best for me, I guess. As the detective of the city, there will be fewer cases for me,” said Tom. Tom was the detective of the city, and a good one too. He had an assistant named John, a good-natured man and Tom’s only ally. The day passed without any theft. As Tom was sitting in his office, packing up, the mayor rushed in and screamed, “Help me, Tom!”“We are about to be robbed of our pride and possessions. “ Mayor, what is the issue?” asked Tom. “The phantom thief has stolen one of our museums artwork!” screamed the mayor. “Oh no!” responded Tom. The phantom thief was a notorious thief. He would send a letter before to warn the authorities about his coming and challenge them to stop him. Till date, no one has caught him. He steals at the exact time he tells you in the letter and leaves without you getting a sniff of him, and now he is on to us. “What does the letter say, mayor?” questioned Tom. “I,I , the Phantom Thief, shall steal the precious jewels of our nation from your ‘impenetrable’ museum. Stop me if you can. I shall steal tomorrow at exactly 8 p.m..’ What will we do, Tom? Please help us!” pleaded the Mayor. “Okay, for sure!” responded Tom bravely. He had been waiting a long time to face the phantom thief. The mayor and Tom assembled a team and secured the museum. The police heavily guarded the exterior, permitting only a select few to enter. Tom and the mayor spent the entire day in preparation, and now it was 7:50 PM—only ten minutes remained until the anticipated attack. “Hmm, something feels wrong,” muttered Tom. “What do you mean, Tom?” asked the mayor. “It’s so late, and with only two minutes until the attack, shouldn’t he have made a move already?” At the exact moment, Tom understood the Phantom Thief’s move. “Oh no, how could I? What a perfect strategy! He is onto us! Quickly, call John here immediately!” ordered Tom. “Sir, we cannot get in contact with John.” “Run to the jewelry room! I hope we are not too late,” screamed Tom. It was 7:59 now, with only one minute left. Everyone rushed to the safe, but it was unlocked. “Freeze, John, or should I say the Phantom Thief!” Everyone was shocked as John removed his mask, revealing himself as the Phantom Thief. “Well, well, well, you caught me. It’s your win, Tom. But I must ask, how did you know I was John?” “I was puzzled at first and considered guarding the museum, but then I thought, if I were the Phantom Thief, what would be the easiest way in and out? After some thought, the answer was clear: as a thief, I didn’t need to come from the outside. What if I was already inside the building? What if I was part of the defending team? No one would suspect. I considered who it could be, and the answer popped up immediately: the man I trust the most, the one I would let near the jewelry—my assistant John.” “Well, you were spot on, Mr. Sherlock. I praise you. For being able to stop me so effectively, I will come without resistance,” said the Phantom Thief. “Wait, first tell me where John is, or else,” threatened Tom. “Don’t worry, he is in the storeroom,” said the Phantom Thief. In the end, the Phantom Thief was arrested, and everything he had stolen was recovered. John was retrieved safely, and Tom became the greatest detective in the world.