Realm of Royals


Realm of Royals: A Journey

Syed Yusra G8

My recent trip to Rajasthan was unforgettable! Let me narrate the way I experienced it. My story starts in Jaipur, the capital called “pink city.” While visiting the Mahal, I felt like I was lost in a trance. The unreal beauty of the edifice was charming. From the Hawa Mahal itself, you could get a good view of the city’s main market. Our tour guide revealed that the queen would gaze at the market from the balcony. We took a short break in Udaipur, the tranquil city of lakes. The serene beauty of these lakes reminded me of home back here in Kashmir. After visiting the Lake Palace and City Palace Complex, we packed our bags for the final destination. Jodhpur, the “blue city” (I know, the Rajasthanis seem to have a thing for naming their cities after colors), the Mehrangargh Fort decorated the skyline with its austere aesthetic, and the turquoise houses in that city contrasted the sandy landscape; it resembled the waves lapping on a beach. Well before my eyes were a sice of time enriched with breathtaking architecture and heritage. I realized how chronicles of yore are revealed through the architecture, and one can learn history other than the written word.