Reconsidering Connectivity


Reconsidering Connectivity. The Case for a Basic Phone

Ahdiya Bakhtiar Drabu Grade 7 Diamond

There is not a single day in the past years when my phone has not been in my pocket. I confess ‘ Obsession’. Now why are people switching to dumb phones (phones that can be used for only calling, e.g. flip phones). Smart phones are smart but not necessarily good for you. Studies conducted in the past years show that the excess use of smart phones lead to anxiety, depression, no peace, insomnia. It also makes people dependant on their phones and prevents them from spending time with their family members . Are smart phones designed to keep people hooked? When most people wake up in the morning, the first thing they do is open their phones and go through their phones and social media accounts. You must have noticed that when we sometimes start watching YouTube shorts, we keep on watching and watching and we don’t feel like stopping, this is because where there is unpredictability, dopamine is more. Dopamine is a feel good hormone that hooks us in and ensures we stay there, scrolling for hours. I think that the phone is not the problem, but how much and what way we use it is the problem. Smart phones cannot be completely banned from our lives but we can reduce its use, and if we feel that we cannot control our selves then having a dumb phone is definitely smart.