Ski School Registration Form

    Ski School Program Participant Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Declaration

    The last date for submitting nominations is 9th January 2022, and the dates for the batches will be communicated after the nominations are received. (Grade 5 to Grade 10 only)

    Step 2 : Ski School Program Participant Information


  • Beginner: Student has never done skiing / riding.

  • Some Experience: Student has been skiing but has not yet mastered the ability to stop on easier terrain.

  • Average Experience: Student is well-balanced and is able to stop on easier terrain.

  • Good Experience: Student is able to stop on easier terrain and has been introduced to turns. Student is confident on all easier terrain and is ready to venture into steeper terrains.

  • Advanced: Student is confident on all easier terrain and has already explored steeper terrains. Student is looking to learn different techniques for skiing in variable snow conditions and/or at higher speeds.

  • Please do your best to estimate student’s ability level. (We will do a ski-off during the first class, but it is helpful to have an idea of ability beforehand).

    Ski School Program Participant Emergency Contact Information

    In case of emergency and the parent(s)/guardian(s) cannot be reached, please contact one of the following persons:



    Ski School Program Participant Health Information