Thrills and Serenity


Thrills and Serenity: My Memorable Sonamarg Camping Experience.

Sehreen Javaid Grade 8 Pearl

My school camping trip to Sonamarg was nothing short of a thrilling adventure! I set off in the morning with my school, the bus winding through breathtaking mountains and valleys. The excitement was palpable as I played fun games with my friends along the way. Arriving at Sonamarg, I was greeted by a stunning panorama of towering snow-capped peaks and a crystal-clear river, inviting me to be a part of the vast blue above. The tents were already set up on a green meadow. The comfort level was raising brows, and I, in my heart of hearts, was ignoring the soil floor. On the other hand, I was counseling myself to be ready to embrace the simplicity, leaving behind the comforts to see how much I could challenge the luxuries to live a few days among nature. As night fell, the real magic began. I gathered around a roaring campfire with my classmates. The teachers also shared fascinating tales about their childhood, and it was fun! The next morning, I embarked on an exhilarating trek. Each step offered new wonders: vibrant wildflowers and crystal glaciers. Reaching the mountain top, I was mesmerized by a jaw-dropping view that made every effort worthwhile. That night, the sky turned into a celestial masterpiece, with stars twinkling brighter than I had ever seen. On the final day, I packed up, leaving no trace of my stay. My trip to Sonamarg was more than just a camping experience. It was an unforgettable journey filled with adventure. It left me with cherished memories and a longing to return to the wild beauty of Sonamarg.