My Cubing Journey 


My Cubing Journey

Abdul Hadi Bhat Grade 7 Emerald

The way I started cubing is all the way back in early 2021 (a long time ago) during the pandemic. I had this three-by-three Rubik’s cube, which I got as a present from my mother at the end of 2020 (I have had many cubes before, which were broken in one way or another).​ Since then, this cube has been on my desk, scrambling as I attended my classes. For me and my parents, this was a big mystery as to how the cube must be solved. One day I went to visit my cousin’s house and to my surprise, my cousin knew how to solve the cube as she was taught this in her school (I wish our school also taught us). such skills). My mother was impressed, and as soon as we When I came home, my mother handed me the cube, and she directly said to my face, “I want you to learn this cube in less than a month!” For me, it seemed like a huge challenge. but with my father’s support, I started my journey of cubing. (My father also started to learn the cube with me.) It took It took me a lot of time to figure out all the algorithms.​ Surely this was a difficult task, but eventually I had configured the algorithms in, surprisingly, three days. (Fascinating, isn’t it?) Slowly but surely, I began to learn the​ basic, like the daisy, the white cross (later I learned the advanced method, which included the Cross, the F2L, and the OLL and the PLL). The cubicle (channel name) played a major role in helping me solve the cube. By the end of 2021, I had I learned the cube. It was such a delight that I was shocked for the next week. (Funny thing that after I learned to solve the (My parents registered me for learning classes.) By the end of February, I had started getting sub-1 minutes. solves (even though this was slow according to international standards for me, it was the best. My father left cubing, but I strived further. Following that, I started to climb the mountain of solving a by 4 cubes. It was challenging, but I also enjoyed it (barely). And by the end of 2022, I had mastered the 3 by 3 and learned the 4 by 4 YAU method. In 2023, I went to Delhi, and I got a ball 3 by 3 and a mirror. cube, whose shape shifts. The cubicle again helped me learn. the cube) I got my first 2 by 2 cube (unlucky me that I didn’t start by learning such an easy puzzle) as a prize for my outstanding​ result in the National Science Olympiad (NSO) getting international rank of 48). I got the 2-by-2 cube from my current personal favourite brand, Cubelelo. It was a delight to get my first branded speed cube. The cube again helped me. Learn the 2-by-2 cube. The story of the pyraminx was similar, but the pyraminx was not a branded one). Till now, I only knew how to solve these cubes. But now, After I got another achievement (reading the entire Quran), So my parents decided that it was only fair to reward me.​ So to pursue my passion for cubing, I got 6 cubes from Cubelelo (and a pair of cricket gloves)! The cubes were 2 by 2 (II had unfortunately lost my previous one), the mega minx, the master morphinx (another shape-shifting cube) the mirror cube (my cousin broke my previous one) the skewb (weird name, right) and finally for a big challenge. The 5 by 5 cube or the professor cube (for these cubes I also got a cube-solving guide book.​ Now I am one of the best cubers in my class, along with Ibrahim Deva, who happens to be my neighbour in my hometown, but I’m still better! Because I have a channel where I teach cubing). ​