Struggle of an elder sibbling



Ayesha Bilal Grade:6 Diamond

You know, being the elder sibling is supposed to mean something, right? It’s supposed to mean responsibility, maybe a bit of respect. But for me, it feels like a daily ritual of being scolded. If I ask for something, I’m told I’m too young. If I complain about my brother, suddenly I’m the elder and should know better. Can someone explain that logic to me? Because I’m lost. And shopping! Oh, don’t get me started on shopping. Every time I pick something, my siblings just have to copy me. But when I try to follow their style, it’s like I’ve committed a crime. Where’s the fairness in that? I put my heart into painting, you know. I really do. But do I ever get appreciated? No. Yet, when my siblings make anything, suddenly it’s all admiration and praise. How does that work? And family time? Ha! They’re always busy when it’s about me. But the minute it’s about my siblings, suddenly everyone’s got time. It’s like I’m invisible sometimes. I care about my siblings, I really do. But why do I always feel like I’m on the wrong side of things? Like I’m constantly being criticized and overlooked. Can someone give me a reason for that? Because I’m starting to feel like there’s no point in trying anymore. Hey, let me tell you—I am depressed.